Research and development, medical/technical and ecological products, import/export.

We are looking for supporters, investors and agents for international projects in recycling / environmental protection, as well as the establishment of sales channels for further developments. We develop products to order, but also for ourselves and trade other goods in import / export.

NEW: Ideal for the catering trade and in customer talks, show her a smile, and stay protected!  Very light, no headaches, also suitable for spectacle wearers!

Protective visor Gastro, transparent

cheap (only 1,10 € pcs) and safe

CORONA Virus - COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid Test

1000 tests, ready to use!
14900 €, incl. Shipping
USA Development!      FDA ready!
15 minutes per test

Corona Virus- Covid 19 US Test Kit, FDA approval!

Don't block an emergency room because of a cold! First, check whether you are positive, then the hospital comes for verification and treatment.
15 minutes to the result, in your company, army, military hospital, refugee accommodation, airport, ship, and much more.

watch our video: MANGIAPLASTICA green energy

Let's support a good solution together: 
A mobile system that recycles unseparated plastic waste to produce ecological electricity that is even stored!

We will gladly send you a donation receipt upon request.

You'll find this new
Product here in our SHOP!
and then you recycle plastic waste into diesel!

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