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This is the procedure for offers listed here:

All deals can be handled through the lawyers.
This contact is according to NCNDA/ IMFPA to protect our commission. The final buyer must confirm this. It is possible to include other brokers with their commission in our contract, the buyer must finally accept.
The seller's attorneys expect a liquid client to provide up-to-date proof that he is able to pay for the number of goods in question. Only then does the seller's lawyer send the documents and details about the goods and also arrange a physical visit with the buyer.
The settlement is Escrow or LC.
The handling from a lawyer to a lawyer is preferred!

The seller rejects any other procedure. He is not looking for intermediaries, but for a real buyer.












Availability, changes in details, and prior sale of the offers mentioned here are always reserved! 


Deal directly with  *Agreement Partner 3M*

- Please ask for the current daily prices for your desired 3M product

Nr.0839     WE SEARCH FOR:

Nitrile gloves on Ground in Germany, or near in Europe, wanted immediately!
For our clients, we are looking for an immediately available warehouse with nitrile gloves in Germany. Quantity:  all !

The product must meet all current medical standards.
ESCROW. Processing directly through lawyers possible.

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Nr. 0845

INSIDE USA, private Seller

3M n95 1860

Quantity: 65 Mio. pcs.

FOB Price 2,95 $ USD + 0,10 $/pcs fee
Location: East Coast, USA

Procedure: NCNDA /IMFPA, current LOI, and POF to Lawyer.
Escrow RELEASE, (Lawyer to Lawyer)

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Nr. 0900 

Skin disinfection gel                          
HAFMLA (dodt 99,9 %)                                          

Warehouse Netherlands
Quantity: 200 000 bottles/piece, each 0,5 liter
Collection price:  2,89 €/ pcs   

Visit possible.                          

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Nr. 0928

Dolphin nitrile gloves - Collection Istanbul/Turkey

Quantity: 2000 000 boxes now and

Framework 1 Million/ Boxes each week possible,

no prepayment needed. 

Collection price: 7,90 € incl. commission fee,

The duty is unpaid.

Visit and transport by Truck possible on request!

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Nr. 0933     Sold

TopGlove, nitrile gloves - OTG Germany

Quantity: 20 000 000 boxes  

Collection price: 9,10 € + commission fee,

The duty is paid.

NCNDA/IMFPA, LOI + POF, visit/check and buy

Lawyer to Lawyer also possible

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Nr. 0934    Reserved

VGlove, nitrile gloves - OTG Poland

Quantity: 30 000 000 boxes  

Collection price: 8,40 € incl. our commission fee,

The duty is unpaid

NCNDA/IMFPA, LOI + POF directly to the Sellerlawyer, he answers with details. This is a Lawyer to Lawyer deal, save for all!

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Nr. 0941 

We are looking for 3PLY protective masks in child sizes.
Our client is a ministry in Germany.
The specifications:
- The masks do not have to be medical/sterile but must meet international standards and be certified.
- We prefer masks in colors, patterns, and sizes suitable for children.
- An order can only be placed after the examination of samples sent to us. 
- Payments are only made after receipt of goods and inspection of the products.
- A framework contract with quantities starting from 1 million masks in different sizes, per week, is the target, for a period of subject to 6 months.

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Nr. 0943  

VGlove, nitrile gloves - OTG In the Netherlands

Quantity: 3.5 Million boxes  in Rotterdam

                    3,5 Million boxes in  Amsterdam, same Seller.

Collection price: 8,30 € incl. our commission fee,

NCNDA/IMFPA, LOI + POF, ESCROW, or Cash and Carry possible.

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