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"forsam development germany Ltd." and its online offers, including "", has proven itself to be a reliable Broker and trading partner for clinics, companies, and ministries in recent months.

We offer direct standby stocks of the actual providers.

​You want to buy directly from the 3M company? We are a direct trading partner with 3M licensed dealers. For these offers you must not be "blacklisted" at 3M. In this case we deliver from existing stocks of private suppliers, or our own.

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Nr.0840 UPDATE  -  READY TO TAKE in Swiss

We are a direct sales broker.

Do you want a better price? Make us an offer, FOB is also possible!

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INSIDE USA, private Seller

3M n95 1860

Quantity: 150 Mio. pcs.

FOB Price 2,90 $ USD + 0,35 $/pcs fee
Location: East Coast, USA

Procedure: NCNDA /IMFPA, current LOI, and POF
Escrow RELEASE, (Lawyer to Lawyer)

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3M n95 1860 Protection Masks
Quantity: 130 million units (Minimum order: 30 Mio pcs)
CIF price: 3,40 USD $/ pcs. (without air freight)
Payment: ESCROW, LC, 
Current LOI and POF (no screenshot) required.
The settlement is also possible via ESCROW lawyers.

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Full face protection,

very light, unbreakable Plexiglas shield against aerosols, bacteria, and viruses.
Simultaneously protects mouth, nose, and eyes in customer talks, service, or laboratory.
Place of manufacture: Turkey
Quantity: 10 000 pieces

FOB Price: 2,20 €/ pcs.

After the simple assembly, you have reusable protection that can be cleaned without any problems. Ecologically sensible!
The article is in stock in Germany and can be picked up there immediately. "cash and carry" is expressly desired. Dispatch only by arrangement.

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Nr.0863     SOLD

Nirtile Gloves, 10 million boxes VGloves in Hamburg. 9.40 €/ box....FOB...

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Nr.0864   SOLD

Nitrile Gloves3 Million Boxes TOP GLOVES in Frankfurt/ Airport. 9 € box FOB 

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Nr.0865  SOLD

Nitrile Gloves, 200 million boxes BIOLIVE CIF 8 €, (100 mio this week, 100 mio next week)

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nitrile gloves

Warehouse in Germany

Quantity: 150 Million boxes/ 100 Gloves

Origin: Thailand

Brand: Medcare

FDA, FCC, CE (incl.EN455) certification

FOB Price: 9,10 € per box + 0,05 €/pcs. fee

Payment term: Escrow & penalty

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Nr.0867   in Germany, cash and carry possible

3PLY Masks, Type 1

Quantity:  15,4 Million pcs.

FOB 0,12 €/ pcs + 0,03 € fee

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Nr.0868  in Germany, cash and carry possible

3PLY Masks, Type 2, medical

Quantity:  8,6 Million pcs.

FOB 0,15 €/ pcs + 0,03 € fee

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