Aptamil (MILUPA) HA 1 with SYNEO

Best product, already optimized for infants
800 grams packaging 
Minimum quantity: 1000 pieces = 800 Kg. other quantities available
German quality product


Aptamil (MILUPA) HA 1 with SYNEO is tailored to the specific needs of babies at risk of allergies and supports their natural development: Aptamil HA 1 with SYNEO can be given from birth as the sole nutrition or as a supplemental food; as with breastmilk, you can feed your baby as much and as often as it wants. Suitable until the baby stops using a bottle.


Additional Information
Pack Size  800g, Powder
PZN (Central Pharmaceutical Number)14025340


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Aptamil (MILUPA) HA 1 with SYNEO

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