cocoa powder

10000 Kg.
25kgs Multilayer Craft Paper Bags

Product description:
Made from a fine selection of highly alkaline cocoa beans. An overwhelming cocoa taste and strong alkaline notes.
100% cocoa. Reduced fat and alkali - 10-12% cocoa butter. Remarkable dark color
Suitable for a wide range of applications.

Physical and Chemical Indexes

-cocoa butter % ' 10-12
-Water% ≤ 5
Light alkalized powder≤ 10heavy alkalized powder≤ 12
-Fineness% (200mesh/inch)
≥ 99.00
-(by meshing 200) Min. 99.0%
-fat content 10- 12%
-Humidity Maximum 5.0%.
-pH value 6.2~6.8, 6.8~7.5
-Ash Maximum 12%
-pH value light alkalized powder6.5± 0.3heavy alkalized powder7.2± 0.3
Fine free-flowing powder, German quality standard
Characteristic cocoa aroma
Medium brown to dark brown
Fineness (by meshing 200)
min. 99.0%

Microbiological index
-Total plate count Hlimpulse
Maximum 3.000 CFU/g
Maximum 10MPN/100g
-Yeast & Form
Maximum 10 CFU/g
-Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus Aureus

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cocoa powder, 10 t.

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