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DELISTRAWS (Basic Version)

10 000 x DELISTRAWS - 24,5 cm x 0,9 cm
(other sizes, colors, taste, individual packaging/advertising on request)

Edible organic drinking straw made of combined cereals, without kink.

Not suitable for hot drinks- max. 40 'Celsius

Own development, stable, tasty, ecological top. The drinking straw decomposes itself when wet after approx. 4 hours. No garbage remains! The straws can be stored dry for up to 2 years.


Taste: neutral, (we only use natural vegan flavors and colors).

DELISTRAWS absorb the aromas of the beverage and do not release any flavorings into the beverage.

This means:

- DELISTRAWS are vegan and edible, have neither a doughy nor a metallic taste and are also ideal for children, as they do not split sharp!

- DELISTRAWS can be directly into the organic waste bin or into the compost.

- the morning dew after a festival or a rain shower starts the decomposition process

- the product does not pollute our rivers or oceans.

NEW Colour: spirulina blue


Information: Due to the great interest we currently do not send samples. We ask for your understanding.

Delivery takes place in stable transport boxes. Single packaging possible.
The purchase of large quantities improves the price. Ask for our offer.
Edible vegan drinking straws like our product "DELISTRAWS", are a small step, but we have to finally move and do without plastic!


> Our partner forwarding agencies offer very good conditions. We organize worldwide shipping according to your wishes. Of course, you can also use your own carriers. All prices are net, without delivery/customs or other fees. The invoice amount is due with the order. If you have any questions, please contact our support: eMail: info@forsam-resellers.com



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