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ko-screening-straws, with Detectorflag - 1000 pieces - The system against so-called "rape drugs, drink spiking", reliably detects drugs, GHB, GBL, ketamine, and NEW benzodiazepines (roofies) after short contact with the liquid by clear discoloration in seconds.- Organic drinking straw without bendMade of bioplastic PLA, petroleum-free according to DIN13432 biodegradable, compostable, Straws in the colors: black, or white. Detector colors may vary!Size: ca. 25,5 cm, or ca. 11,5 cm long, diameter Ø ca. 8 mm,individual packaging, also possible with advertising.Please contact us before placing your order!

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ko-screening-straws, with Detectorflag

SKU: 7300
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