Protection for your sister, wife or mother.Some areas are very dangerous for women.A "Suraksha Ring" can defend you at any time. The rings are made of a high-quality alloy and are available silver-plated or gold-plated. Optically a completely "normal" ring, but the precise technique is able to spray up to 2 seconds e.g. with Capsicum (so-called pepper spray) on a target in up to 50 cm distance. Of course, more harmless substances can also be used in a gaseous state.This should make the escape possible! Choose from the available regulär ring sizes 6 - 14, in the color "silver" or "gold", you can communicate these wishes to us with your orderFor legal reasons, the ring may only be sent unfilled.Further orders are possible, but of course, these refills are also available in most gun shops.It is your right to integrity, self-defense or immediate assistance. This right applies when proportionality is given.An attacker, whether human or animal, does not matter!In some countries, however, this ring may be subject to special legislation. For example, we strongly advise against boarding a plane with a Suraksha ring. In case of doubt, please contact the responsible authorities in good time!Prices single pack: 161 € = 178,30 Us$ = 12790 INRA single package consists of:1 ring in your size and colour is 139 € = 154 Us$.= 11050 INR1 filling cartridge Capsicum costs 12 € = 13,30 Us$ = 955 INRshipping: 9,90 € = 11 Us$ = 787 INR (worldwide)Dealer inquiries for larger quantities and improved conditions are welcome. The ring is available in two colors and 6 sizes each. We ship worldwide.Price is incl. shipping, without customs duties or other charges!

Suraksha Ring

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  • Please check whether wearing this ring is subject to special legal regulations in your country.